Hi! My name is Adam Howes, I’m a PhD student in Statistics at Imperial College London supervised by Jeffrey Eaton from the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial and Seth Flaxman from the Department of Computer Science, Oxford. I am a part of the first cohort of the StatML CDT in Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning at Imperial and Oxford, the HIV Inference Group and the Machine Learning & Global Health Network. My studentship is funded by the EPSRC and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

My PhD is about Bayesian spatio-temporal statistics applied to surveillance of the HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa. I’m working on small-area estimation of HIV risk group proportions and assessing the value added by using behavioural factors to prioritise interventions. On the methodology side, I’m trying to understand models for spatial correlation of small-area data and improve how we perform approximate Bayesian inference for certain types of models. More broadly, I’m particularly interested in applied methodological work that’s relevant to policy.

During 2022, from June - August I’m working at the Sculpting Evolution group, MIT Media Lab working on the Nucleic Acid Observatory project, and from September - November I’ll be a visiting graduate student with Alex Stringer at the University of Waterloo, working on approximate Bayesian inference methods.

You can find me online via GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn or email at ath19@ic.ac.uk. If you’re in London, Boston or Kitchener-Waterloo and interested in an in-person chat1 let me know! As well, if you have feedback that might help me improve as a person or in my work, I have an anonymous form here.

  1. Potentially about statistics or Effective Altruism (other topics also acceptable.)↩︎